Accredited Online Instructor Courses

The Cirqle Instructor Courses are designed for potential teachers who would like to take their teaching skills to a new level. We designed a syllabus to help learn about all aspects for pole instruction.

Pole Fitness Courses

How it works

Choose & Pay

Choose the course you’d like to attend and pay online


You’ll be able to download the course manual and workbook instantly. You’ll then receive the link for the online study area.


Work through the course material. Once you’ve finished send it back to us via email with your Practical Assessment Video.

Once you’ve sent us your submission you’ll receive your results in 7 working days with your Accredited Certificate.

Why Cirqle Courses?

Quality content

High-definition videos, and downloadable class manuals.

Online learning

Learn form the comfort of your home in your own pace.

Accredited Certificate

An Accredited Certificate is required to teach in most studios.